5G Chips won’t reach consumers until 2020, says Intel


  • Sample 5G modems will be available this year
  • Samsung has already introduced a 5G smartphone
  • Intel and Apple shares rise

Intel says its 5G modem chips won’t appear in products in the consumer market until 2020, raising questions about when Apple’s 5G iPhone might make an appearance.

On Friday, Intel execs said that although their 5G modem chips will be rolled out later this year, they won’t be featured in smartphones until 2020.

The head of Intel’s networking chip division, Sandra Rivera, said at a press event that her company does not expect consumer 5G products to be in the market until 2020. However, she went on to indicate that sample 5G modems are going to be available later this year and that non-consumer 5G products will also be available.

Although this means 5G-enabled Intel hardware will be in products such as networking equipment, her comments have led to speculation about what it all means for Apple and their own rollout of 5G phones. Apple is Intel’s largest customer.

Rivera’s comments back up other rumors regarding Apple’s 5G plans as many analysts are already expecting the company to roll out its 5G iPhones in the fall of 2020. This will coincide with next-gen networks being made more widely available by U.S. carriers. A sales bump is widely expected given the faster speeds offered by 5G network devices.

Apple may be falling behind rivals as Samsung has already introduced a Galaxy S10 5G that is expected to be available this spring, although a specific price and release date have not yet been announced.

NPD Intelligence Mobile Industry Analyst Brad Akyuz said: “Looking at how 5G is being marketed today, all of these use cases we’re seeing are around the enterprise advantages, like smart city applications.”

The latest news gave a bump to both Intel and Apple shares on Friday, with the former up 2.1% and the latter seeing a hike of 1.12%.

Brian Ducey

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