Hammerstone Retail Trader Feed

Providing an edge to the day trader (retail) market is one of Hammerstone’s core missions. At Hammerstone Markets, we believe that every investor on Wall Street deserves timely news and intelligence including live company updates. We provide the same, real-time, actionable insight to our retail clients as we do to our professional trader clients, but in an easy to understand, bullet point version of our professional market feed.

Key Day and Retail Trade Feed Facts:

  • Almost 1000 active subscribers
  • We are the oldest running financial feed used by the Pro’s
  • Running commentary, research, breaking news, actionable ideas
  • You use our Web app to receive the content. No install required
  • You will know in 5-10 minutes if this service is a fit for you
  • Get to see what the Pro trader sees
  • Breaking real time news about online trading stock and options
  • Delivery via our Web app
  • Accurate up to date Broker and Stock Analysis Software reviews
  • Only $99.00 a month and no contract
  • Cancel any time